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How do guests login

Last Updated: Aug 01, 2013 04:29PM MDT
Guest access to the host-party website has changed with our 2.0 release. It has been improved to provide better security and easy access to multiple games. However, it can be a little confusing if you are used to how we used to do it. The follow explains how it works:

Guest Assignment
When you assign a guest email address to a character, our system will try to create a new user or link it to an existing user. Specifically, the system will look up to see if a user exists in our database with that email address. This occurs in a variety of circumstances, most commonly it will occur if the guests has been a host or guest of a previous game or if you have assigned the email address to multiple guest characters. In any case, if the user record exists, this user record is attached to the character. If not, a new user record is created. Because a unique email is required for login, you need to supply an email address for each guest that you want to login to the pregame site. While the email address does not have to be their real email address, it is highly advised so they can recover their password if they need to. If you assign the same email address to multiple guests, they will all have access to the others host and guest information. You definitely don't want to do this with the host account, so be sure not to assign your host account email to any of the guests assignments unless the host will be assigned to that guest. For security reasons, the host can view or update the guest passwords.

Email Invites and Other Email Communications
Whenever an email communication is sent from our site, the email will include a link back to our site. When the guest hits our website, our system will check to see if the guest has completed the registration process. If they have not, the system will prompt them to provide a password for their account to complete the registration process. If they have already complete the registration process, the system will prompt them to enter their email and password to enter the site. If a guest is prompted to login with an email and password, and they don't remember their password they can click the Forgot Password link and have it sent to them. One word of warning when sending emails: many modern email applications will block automated emails like those sent from Thei can be avoided by adding to your Safe Sender List

Printed Invites
Our system allows you to print invitations. Each printed invite will include a special web address to the guest access page of our site. If the guest enters this web address into a browser, they will get be able to access the site in the same way as described above in the email section.

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