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Purchased game is not active

Last Updated: Aug 19, 2012 02:26PM MDT
A  game not activated can be caused by one of a few things.
1) Multiple email registrations or change of Host email address
Occasionally customers will inadvertently create multiple accounts on our site. This can happen if you login to our site using different external providers (Google,Yahoo,Facebook,Myspace,AOL,Flickr) or register twice with two different email addresses. The confusion occurs when you log into the wrong account and don't see their game. Is it possible you purchased a game with one account and now are trying to access the game with another? Try logging into using the various accounts you may have created. Keep in mind the email you register with our site, does not have to be the email you used on the PayPal payment site. Also, sometimes change the host email address in the Party Information page. This is the email address used for logging in. Please confirm your purchased game is not registered under a different email address.
2) Payment process not completed
If you know you only used one email address, and you don't have access to the game materials, then it is most likely that you did not complete the payment transaction.  There is a final step in the payment process where you need to confirm the payment. Sometimes customer miss this and never actually complete the payment transaction.  If you did not receive a payment notification in your email from PayPal, then this is most likely the case. You can check your PayPal or Credit Card account to verify.
3) Payment information not sent from PayPal
On rare occasions our site might miss the payment notification from PayPal. If you received payment notification from PayPal and you only have one email registered on our site, this is likely the cause. Please send us the payment details from your PayPal transaction. Specifically we will need the date purchased and the name that was used in the PayPal transaction (Either the PayPal account name or credit card name) or  the PayPal transaction id.

4) Game has expired.  Our standard games are only available on our site for 6 months from the date of purchase.  Commerical/Muilti-Use licenses have no expiration.   

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