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Emails not delivered

Last Updated: Feb 03, 2012 07:46PM MST
Unfortunately due to ever growing problems related to SPAM and email viruses, many email hosting providers have become extremely vigilant about protecting their email accounts. These email providers sometimes block bulk emails or emails that are sent on behalf of someone, as we do on our site. Here are a few solutions that might work around the problem, and allow your guests to logon to the pre-game site.
1) Ask your guests to check their junk mail
2) Ask your guests to add '' or '' to their safe list (learn more).
3) Print invites and instruct guests to access the site via the link on the printed invite. 
4) Ask them to contact their email hosting provider and allow emails from Once they have done this you can resend. 
The Host-Party email services are optional. You can always just send using your own email. You can even include our invitations by saving the pdf generated from the print invitations and attaching that to your email.

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