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Creating a Custom Character

Last Updated: Jan 01, 2016 02:24PM MST
Adding custom characters to your game is very easy. Just click the 'Add Custom Character' or 'Borrow a Character' buttons on the Assign Guests page.

Borrow a Character: Allows you to borrow a Character from another game.   This will copy the description picture and motive. Clues are not borrowed since they would not make sense if you moved them from one game to another.
Add Custom Character: This creates a new character from scratch. 
Adding custom clues is relatively easy as well. Just click the 'clues' link on the right column of the Assign Guests next to the character to whom you want to add clues. Most Host-Party games have a reveal and conceal clue for each character and each round.  Of course, you can just add a few clues to keep your character in the game.  Alternatively there are other strategies you can use to add a custom character without creating any clues. Here are a few suggestions:
  • An assistant character: You could create an assistant, twin, spouse or colleague for one of the characters.  If you do this you are, in effect, turning one role into two. (You will need to make sure that the two people like working together). Just print two sets of clues for any character whom they are assisting and tell the two guests to work together.
  • Staff : Depending on the setting for the murder mystery, you might be able to add an extra character who is a servant, or a member of the staff or crew. You could give them some simple duties such as being in charge of serving the food and drinks. You should make sure that they have some clues, which will require a little creativity on your part.
  • Creating a Custom Character: Do you have too many guests and not enough characters? This problem can be solved in a number of ways. You can easily add characters to any Host-Party mystery (On the 'Guest Characters' page click the 'Add a Custom Character' in the bottom row of the character list). By doing this through our site your guest and their character will automatically be included in all mystery party game materials and throughout the website.  
    Adding a customer character is easy, but incorporating that character into the story line can be a lot of work.  Generally speaking we advise that you create an “assistant character” that will allow the new character to team up with an existing character. A good example of an assistant character might be a spouse, twin brother/sister, and a business assistant.  By doing this you can have these two characters share clues, so you don’t have to amend the story line or add clues for the new character.  
    Alternatively, you can create a separate character with their motive and clues. This can be lots of fun for the more ambitious and creative host. If you take this approach, you will want to read through all of the game materials first and then add the clues as required to incorporate them in the game. To add a clue click the 'Clues' link in the right hand column of the ‘Guest Characters’ page. Then click 'Add New' in the header of the Custom Clues box or use the 'Copy' button to copy an existing clue). You should add one conceal and one reveal clue for each character in each round. 
    The next time you regenerate the Game Kit from the Game Materials page, you should see your new character and/or clues. On some browsers, you need hit the refresh button once the PDF document is opened to see the changes.
By creating custom character thorough our site, your guest and their character will automatically be included in all mystery party game materials and throughout the website. Your guests will not be able to tell which characters are the base characters and which are custom.

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