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How to Customize a Host-Party Game

Last Updated: Feb 22, 2013 05:37PM MST
Nearly all aspects aspects of a murder mystery can be customized. You can change the name and description of the party and add party specific details (what, where, when). You can add guest names and change character descriptions to suit your guests. You can add totally new custom characters and custom clues. All changes are blended into the game materials and pre-game site.

Editing Game Name
You can personalize the game name and party information from the Party Information page. Changing Main Photo You can upload your own photo for the game from the home page of the Host site. Click the upload button under the game picture.

Editing Character Details
If you want, you can change the specific details of each character. You can find the character role, description, motive, prop/costume suggestion by clicking the Edit Character Details (DOWN ARROW) link on the character assignment page.

Editing Custom Characters & Clues
In addition, you can update existing clues and create new ones for each guest character. These features can be found by clicking the corresponding clues link in the right column of the guest characters page. You can edit existing clues or copy them as new clues. In addition, you can create entirely new clues from scratch by clicking 'Add New' in the header of the Custom Clues box. By making these changes through our site your guest and their character will automatically be included in all mystery party game materials and throughout the website. Your guests will not be able to tell which elements you customized, keeping the mystery a mystery

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